So, I have a little time to write out this post I’ve been thinking about.

I’m making this post because:

1. It helps me to write things down so they’re solidified and I’ve never written this down before and it’s p important so I don’t change it in my head to be lazy.

2. It’s good to talk about these things cus I know people who follow me also struggle with some of the same things (I say this but in my usual fashion I expect to delete this off tumblr later)

3. I can feel the rails coming off the tracks so to speak so I’m implementing this today.

In my time of 2+ years since my last major depressive episode, I’ve engineered an emergency brake plan of sorts of preventative measures I can implement immediately (and some in steps) in order to:

1. Prevent a major depressive episode (obviously this is the ideal)

2. Manage onset of chronic depression (chronic means by definition it comes and goes, not is constant as it is sometimes colloquially understood)

3. Use a dark spot in my life to come out better than before (this is obviously a stretch goal but one I think is reasonable and is generally how I’ve been operating for the past year or so).

So here it is in all of it’s glory!

1. Increase working out from 3-4 times a week to 7. No exceptions. This is super important for me as I’ve found exercise is by far (like I said before, for me) the best preventative measure and treatment for chronic depression/oncoming major depressive episode. By no exceptions I mean, even if all I can do mentally is one set of one exercise, that can satisfy this requirement.

2. Eat clean. Veggies and shit at every meal yo.

3. No alcohol when sad (this becomes no alcohol period if I feel I can’t trust my intuition).

4. Increase therapy sessions (this is actually v nice cus I’ve been at once every ~8 weeks so I have lots of room to build up as needed).

5. No music, find audiobooks for car rides. (music ——> too much time for mind to wander ——-> sadness and stuff). This is actually fairly new and one I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

6. Keep head clean. Positive vibes, u got this ez mode, etc etc

That’s it! For now.

Album Art


Circa Survive - We’re All Thieves

I’ve been erased.
I’ve been erased from the picture.
Excuse, oh no, anything goes.
Excuses, you know it doesn’t work.
Excuse, oh no, anything goes.
Excuses don’t work.
Excuse me, this will calls out desperate end.
Excuse me, this will calls out desperate.

Smoke’s filled the air and I’m struggling to breathe.
Let them be calm, so I finally can sleep.
Everything you intended to say,
Don’t go back on your words.
You always said you’d tell me first.

(via mightyinski)

ArtistCirca Survive
TitleWe're All Thieves
Album Art
ArtistNicki Minaj
TitleMonster (Verse)

I am pretty obsessed with this jacket i’m sorry everyone 

love love love 

love love love 


Yohji Yamamoto SS 2015

love the first pic
Yohji Trot-amoto

so this happened

I need this in my life

but i never will because it’s $3000

I need this in my life

but i never will because it’s $3000